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Create a page for legal content
Create a page for legal content
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Create a page with your company’s privacy policy, terms and conditions, cookie policy, or any other legal content that you may need.

Creating the page

1. Go to the CareersHub dashboard and create a new page by clicking + New Page in the top-right.

💡 On a Launch or Legacy plan? Learn how to add a page for legal content.

2. Give the page a name and click Create.

3. The page editor will open so you can create and customize your page. Learn more about editing pages.

4. You can also add a Cookie preferences section from the Section library. Learn more about cookies on your careers site.

5. Make sure you save and Publish the page when it’s done.

6. You can link to this page from other places on your careers site, for example from the footer. Learn more about linking between pages.

On a Launch or Legacy plan

Add a page for legal content with a few clicks.

1. In the CareersHub, go to Settings > General.

2. Scroll down and click Create now under Need an additional page for legal content?.

3. Once created, the page will appear in the CareersHub under Settings > General.

You can edit, view, or delete the page by clicking the vertical ellipses.

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