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EEO reporting
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Note: Please keep in mind that we strongly recommend consulting with a lawyer before using these features to make sure that you are fully compliant with the laws and regulations that apply to your company.

To generate an EEO-1 report, export the collected EEO data.

Note: Your hiring role must have the permission High-level data access enabled. For compliance reasons you may not want to give this specific permission to users involved in the recruitment process because it could create bias.

1. To export the report, go to Settings > Company settings > EEO and click Export to CSV.

2. Select a timeframe and whether you would like to include candidate contact information.

3. Click Export.

EEO report

The report includes the following information collected via the EEO self-identification questions in jobs that have EEO compliance enabled at the time of the export.

Candidate name - The name of the candidate.

Status - The EEO status of the candidate.

  • Completed - The candidate answered at least one self-identification question.

  • Requested - EEO questions were sent to the candidate.

  • Skipped - The candidate did not fill in EEO questions.

  • No data - EEO questions were not sent

Race or ethnicity - Answer to self-identification question.

  • Hispanic or Latino

  • White

  • Black or African-American

  • Asian

  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

  • Two or More Races

  • I do not wish to identify

  • (No answer)

Gender - Answer to self-identification question.

  • Female

  • Male

  • I do not wish to identify at this time

  • (No answer)

Veteran status - Answer to self-identification question.

  • I identify as one or more of the classifications of protected veterans listed above

  • I am NOT a protected veteran

  • I am NOT a veteran

  • I do not wish to identify at this time

  • (No answer)

Disability status (federal contractors only) - Answer to self-identification question.

  • Yes, I Have A Disability Or Have A History/Record Of Having A Disability

  • No, I Don’t Have A Disability Or A History/Record Of Having A Disability

  • I Don’t Wish To Answer

  • (No answer)

Job title - The job title in Recruitee.

Job ID - The job ID in Recruitee

EEO category - The EEO category of the job.

Applied at - The date and time the candidate applied at.

Disqualifying reason - The reason why the candidate was disqualified for this job based on the disqualify reason selected in Recruitee. Learn more about disqualify reasons.

Workplace - The employee’s place of work and work model

📌 If you are required to collect EEO data, we strongly recommend working with an external compliance consultant to set up your disposition codes and train your team to use them.

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