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Managing EEO statuses
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Note: Please keep in mind that we strongly recommend consulting with a lawyer before using these features to make sure that you are fully compliant with the laws and regulations that apply to your company.

EEO statuses

To keep track of EEO compliance among your candidates, candidates will have a status for each job that has EEO compliance enabled.

There are three different statuses relating to EEO:

EEO data collected

The candidate answered at least one of the self-identification questions.

EEO data requested

The candidate did not (yet) answer the self-identification questions on the careers site or via email.

No EEO data

The candidate did not receive the self-identification questions.

💡 If a candidate has the status 'No EEO data', a badge will appear in their profile, next to the job.

EEO compliance filter

Get an overview of the EEO statuses of your candidates in the candidates section under the EEO compliance filter.

Here you can see all candidates with the three statuses and use bulk actions to send or resend the EEO data collection email.

Sending EEO questions to candidates

Candidates that were sourced, referred, or added manually do not receive self-identification questions automatically. You will have to send them the EEO questions manually via email; in bulk, or individually.

You can send EEO questions to candidates that have the following statuses:

  • No EEO data - Send EEO questions to the candidates for the first time

  • EEO data requested - Resend EEO questions to unresponsive candidates

Note: Candidates will only receive EEO questions for jobs that have EEO compliance enabled.

In bulk

1. Go to the Candidates section and select the EEO compliance filter in the top-left.

2. Click the checkbox on the left of each candidate to select them.

3. Click Send EEO questions in the top bar.

4. Review the email template and click Send.

Note: If you are sending the email to candidates for the second time, make sure to adjust its content.


1. Go to a candidate profile and click on No EEO data

2. Select on Send via email.

3. Review the email and click Send.

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