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Editing pages

Using the page editor, themes, and sections in your careers site 2.0

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All pages in your careers site have these components:

  • a theme determining their colors, fonts, navigation, and footer

  • customizable sections

In this article:

Page editor

Hover over any page in your dashboard and click Edit to open the editor.

Navigation bar - Above the page editor, you can access the page settings, switch page languages, change views, open the page preview, undo and redo actions, visit the page history, and save or publish your page.

Theme - on the right side of the editor you will see the theme and contents of your page.


The theme of your page determines its colors, fonts, navigation, and footer. Thanks to that, you can implement your company’s branding throughout your careers site. You can create several themes and choose which pages should use them.

Creating and editing themes

Creating themes

1. To create a new theme, go to the sidebar of the page editor, click the vertical ellipses, and select Switch theme.

2. Click + New theme in the top-right.

3. Give your theme a name and click Create.

4. Follow the steps below to customize your new theme.

Editing themes

Hover over your page’s theme in the page editor and click Edit theme.

You can see a preview of the selected theme in the box as well as how many of your careers site’s pages use it. Select the part of your theme that you would like to edit to expand the menu.


Select colors for headings, paragraphs, accents, button texts, and backgrounds of pages that use this theme.


Select the font and font-weight of your page’s headings, paragraphs, and buttons.


The navigation is the top bar of your careers site. Here you can add your logo and link to other pages of your careers site so your candidates can navigate it with ease.

1. Click Upload logo to drag and drop or upload your logo.

Note: Candidates will be directed to the homepage if they click the logo on your published careers site.

2. Links, Social links, or Buttons allow you to highlight pages, your social media, or a website in the navigation. Click Edit to:

  • Add links to other pages of your careers site.

  • Link to your company’s social media channels with icons added to your careers site’s navigation.

  • Add a button to your website.

3. Under Navigation color scheme, you can select if the navigation’s color scheme is custom or inherited from the first section of each page.

4. Under Content boundary, you can select Screen width, meaning the content of your navigation spans the entire screen, or Inset, meaning the content is indented on each side and the navigation is moved towards the center of the screen.


You can add a footer at the bottom of your careers site to link to social media, additional pages, or other information.

1. To add a footer to your theme, switch the toggle next to Display footer.

2. Click Edit to add links and social links to your footer.

  • Link to pages or external websites

  • Use icons to link to your social media

3. Adjust the Footer size, link color, background color, and decide whether you'd like to have Recruitee branding on your careers site or not.

Note: Removing Recruitee branding is available in our Grow and Optimize plans.

Managing themes

You can use various themes to style certain pages of your careers site differently. Themes are useful when you have several brands or entities with a different look and feel.

Switching themes

1. Go to the sidebar of the page editor, click the vertical ellipses, and select Switch theme.

2. Select the theme you would like to use and click Update below.


Sections make up the main body of your page. They are customizable, and you can add various types, including Text, Image, Gallery, List, Map, and Jobs.

Adding sections

1. Click Add section in-between sections.

2. The Section library will open. Click on one of numerous text, image, gallery, list, map, and jobs layouts to add it to your page.

Text - Add a paragraph or a headline and type whatever you want.

Image - Add an image to your careers site. Image-type sections come with text paragraphs.

Gallery - Show off your team, office, and culture with photos in a gallery.

List - List benefits, company values, FAQs, or processes.

Map - Show your office locations on your careers site.

Jobs - List open or featured jobs.

Editing sections

1. Hover over a section or click the three dots next to the section in the sidebar and click Edit.

2. The section editor will open.


Edit the alignment, padding, and overall layout of the section.

Note: Options available in the layout tab depend on the type and layout of the section. This is a Text section.

Toggle the switch to add a Section header and adjust its layout.

Colors and background

Sections automatically inherit your theme’s colors. Here, you can define custom section colors.

Toggle the switch to add a background color, image, or video to your section.


Adjust the section size and paddings, minimum height, and vertical alignment.

3. Different types of sections have different content you can edit.


If your section includes text, click on the text box to open the editor.

Use the editor above the section to format and style your text.

Click + to add a block of text in a new line.


Click on a button in the text editor to edit it.

Select the Pencil icon to edit the button text and link.

Click + to add a button inline or add a text block in a new line.

Single images

Hover over the image and click the edit icon.

Edit the image details, add alt text, replace, or delete the image.

Gallery images

Hover over a gallery image to display the editor.

Use the arrows to reorganize the images in the gallery and the expand icon to adjust their sizes.

Click the edit icon in the top-right of an image to edit the gallery.

Click on an image to edit its details, add alt text, replace, or delete the image.

List items

Hover over a list item and use the arrows to reorganize items.

Click the Pencil icon to edit the list.

Edit a list item’s image, title, or description on the left or click Delete card to delete it.

Toggle the switch next to Show button to add a button to your list item.

Under Button URL, select a page from your careers site, job, or external URL to link your button to and give your button a label.

On the left, click + Add new to add list items.

Drag and drop the items in the list to reorganize them.


Hover over the map and click Edit map locations.

Find your location by typing an address into the search bar, add a title and description.

Click + Add new to add additional locations. If you have several locations, you can drag and drop items in the list on the right to reorganize them.

4. Once you finish editing your section, click Done in the top-right.

Reorganizing sections

Drag and drop different sections within the table of contents in your sidebar to move them to a different position on the page you are editing. The new position of the section will be visible immediately.

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