Switching to careers site 2.0
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Welcome to the CareersHub! With our new editor, we aim to make your careers site easy to build and customize so you can showcase your employer branding, and attract the right candidates. If you are still using the old version of the careers site, you can easily switch to 2.0.

Open the CareersHub dashboard in the top-right of Recruitee under CareersHub > Go to dashboard.

Here you can find an overview of the current and new pages. Learn more about navigating the CareersHub.

Under Careers site (Version 1.0), you can edit your current careers site. It will stay online until you are ready to publish the new version.

Publish your new careers site in these simple steps:

1. Click Start the switch to 2.0 under Careers homepage or in the Settings > General. The editor will open.

2. When you finish editing the page and are ready to publish your new careers site, click Publish in the top-right.

3. Click Publish now.

Note: You can restore version 1.0 of your careers site for 30 days after switching to the 2.0 version under Settings > General.

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