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Job overview
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The Job overview dashboard provides an overview of job related metrics in the account.

The Job activity over time chart shows you your jobs’ statuses throughout the year while the Job overview by status shows a breakdown of your jobs’ statuses at all time.

The Active jobs per department chart shows how many jobs per department are active, meaning those with the status Published, Internal use, or Closed.

The table under Active jobs with most candidates shows which of your active jobs have the most candidates.

You can filter the reports on the dashboard based on a time frame, by selecting Select date.

To filter the dashboard by Department, Job, Role, Talent pool, or Team member, select Add filter.


  • If you apply a filter to an entire dashboard, the individual reports on the dashboard will have the pre-existing filters of the same kind overridden and the selected filter applied.

  • Some individual reports may not apply certain filters as not every metric supports every filter.

Highlight certain numbers in your reports by hovering over them with your mouse.

Click on the highlighted number to access a table of the data that this number is derived from.

Adjust the columns in the table by clicking the icon on the right.

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