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The Disqualifications dashboard highlights how many candidates have been disqualified, how long this took, and by whom they have been disqualified.

The first chart you can see is Disqualifications by team members. It shows how many candidates have been disqualified by which team member this year.

You can find the number of Total candidates, Disqualified candidates, as well as the average Time to disqualify on the right.

Below, Top disqualify reasons lay out which disqualify reasons have been used the most in your account and Disqualifications in stages visualizes in which stage type candidates get disqualified most frequently.

The Candidate overview chart shows how many candidates in the account have been qualified and disqualified at all times.

Time to disqualify per department lays out what the average time to disqualify is per department.

You can filter the reports on the dashboard based on a time frame, by selecting Select date.

To filter the dashboard by Department, Job, Role, Talent pool, or Team member, select Add filter.


  • If you apply a filter to an entire dashboard, the individual reports on the dashboard will have the pre-existing filters of the same kind overridden and the selected filter applied.

  • Some individual reports may not apply certain filters as not every metric supports every filter.

Highlight certain numbers in your reports by hovering over them with your mouse.

Click on the highlighted number to access a table of the data that this number is derived from.

Adjust the columns in the table by clicking the icon on the right.

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