Candidate overview
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The candidate overview dashboard provides an overview of all candidates in your jobs and/or talent pools.

First, you will see the total candidates, disqualified candidates, and hired candidates of all time in your account.

The graph below shows you the candidates over time based on their origin this year.

The Time to hire and time to disqualify metrics will show you your average time to hire or disqualify at all times.

Candidates per department shows you how many candidates have been in your account per department.

Top sources gives you an overview of the sources the majority of your candidates come from.

The Current pipeline breakdown shows which stage types your candidates are currently in.

You can learn how your candidates are added to the account by looking at the Candidate origins chart.

Filter the reports on the dashboard based on a time frame, by selecting Select date.

To filter the dashboard by Department, Job, Role, Talent pool, or Team member, select Add filter.


  • If you apply a filter to an entire dashboard, the individual reports on the dashboard will have the pre-existing filters of the same kind overridden and the selected filter applied.

  • Some individual reports may not apply certain filters as not every metric supports every filter.

Highlight certain numbers in your reports by hovering over them with your mouse.

Click on the highlighted number to access a table of the data that this number is derived from.

Adjust the columns in the table by clicking the icon on the right.

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