We’ve recently introduced our workflow templates feature, allowing you to scale, optimize, and streamline your processes.

With this feature, you can:

Along with this new update, a small adjustment to the hiring roles had to be made as the ability to manage screening question, email, and profile field templates previously fell under different subcategories when creating a hiring role.

Now, all templates under Settings > Templates can be managed by a single ability in the hiring roles settings: Manage templates.

Under Settings > Company > Hiring roles, you will be prompted to decide whether hiring roles that previously had some of these abilities should have the ability to manage all templates or not.

Users who have Manage templates checked in their hiring role have the following abilities:

  • Create and edit templates for all features listed under Settings > Templates

  • Manage the visibility of items in templates

  • Save items that are custom for jobs as templates

Users who do not have Manage templates checked in their hiring role have the following abilities in regards to templates:

  • Create e.g. sets of screening questions custom for a job or use existing templates in jobs

  • (Pre)view existing email templates in settings

  • Create and edit private general email templates

Have a look at our workflow templates collection to learn more about streamlining your processes with templates.

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