Use custom fonts on your careers site

*ADVANCED* some coding knowledge required

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To use fonts not available in the careers site editor, you can add custom code from websites like Google Fonts.

1. Click CareersHub in the top-right and select Go to dashboard.

2. Click Edit next to Careers site (Version 1.0).

3. Click Careers site editor on the left.

4. Scroll down to Custom styling under More

5. Go to Google Fonts, find the desired font, and click the font to view the various style options.

6. Click + Select this style.

7. Click View your selected families in the top right corner and select Embed.

8. Copy the top script under <link> and paste it into the Scripts in the header section under Custom Styling in the careers site editor.

9. Add the font family in the Custom CSS section by copying the bottom script in Google Fonts under CSS rules to specify family. 

10. Click Save.

Use multiple custom fonts

1. Click + Select this style for each font you want to add, and google will give you a code with multiple fonts.

2.Click View your selected families and then select Embed.

3. Copy the script under <link> and paste it into the Scripts in header section of Custom Styling in the careers site editor.

4. Define which font to use for which section of your careers site by defining the font family for it.

5. Click Save.

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