Check all jobs in your company account

Select the Jobs section in the bottom menu. You will see all jobs in your company account that you have access to.

Select Followed at the top to see all jobs that you are following and search for a specific job by tapping the search icon in the top right corner. 

In this overview you can see the job title, department, location, and number of all candidates (including disqualified candidates). If there are new candidates in a job, a badge will appear. 

Check a job's pipeline

Select a job to access its pipeline. You can swipe left or right to see the stages next to the current stage in your view. If you tap on a candidate’s card in the pipeline and press, you will be able to drag and drop the candidate into a different pipeline stage.

The number next to the name of a stage indicates how many candidates are in that stage. There are various icons in each candidate card to indicate their status:

  • The clock icon = How long the candidate has been in your database.

  • The speech bubble icon = How many team notes there are in the candidate's profile. 

  • The calendar icon = There is an event scheduled with the candidate.

  • The two-way arrow icon = How long it's been since the last interaction between your team and the candidate.

  • The hourglass icon = You've been requested to evaluate this candidate. 

  • The checkmark icon = There are uncompleted tasks in the candidate's profile.

  • The thumb(s) icon = The outcome of the candidate’s evaluations so far.

Search candidates within a job

Within the Candidates tab of a selected job, you can see all assigned candidates. You can sort and filter this list by selecting Profile created or Filters above the list.

Write Notes

You can write notes about a job within the job's Notes tab. 

Tap + in the bottom right to write a new note. You can also restrict the note’s visibility by tapping All team members below the note. 

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