Review candidates

When you open a candidate's profile in the mobile app, the Profile tab is open by default. You can see your candidate’s contact info, the jobs or talent pools they are assigned to, and their tags. You can also open any files associated with your candidate, like their resume or their answers to screening questions, from there.

Select the Evaluations tab to view the candidate's evaluations.

Tap + and select one of the thumbs icons to add a new quick evaluation. Select Add/Request to select an evaluation form to fill in or request from a team mate.

Select Add in the top-right to start evaluating the candidate.

Fill in the evaluation form. You can go back to view the candidate profile by tapping on their name. Tap Finish evaluation once you’re done evaluating the candidate.

Write team notes

In the Notes tab you can see the team notes on the candidate's profile. Tap reply to add a response or tap the three dots in the top right corner to edit or delete a note you've written.

Click + in the bottom right to write a new team note. Use @ to mention a team member directly. Click on All team members to open and adjust the visibility settings when creating or editing a note. Here you can select who the note is visible to, like in the web app.

Contact candidates

Via Email
Under the Messages tab in the candidate profile, you can see all prior communication with the candidate via email. If you select an email thread, you can read and reply to it. To compose a new email, click + on the bottom right. 

You can attach a file, use an email template, and restrict the visibility like in the web app when writing an email. 

Phone calls and text messages

If your candidate’s profile has a phone number, you can tap the number in order to start a call or send a text message.

Note: Both phone calls and text messages will go through your phone provider and will not be saved in Recruitee.

Work on candidates

Proceed candidates to another stage

In order to proceed a candidate to the next pipeline stage from within their candidate profile, tap the stage they are currently in.

A pop-up appears where you can select the stage where you'd like to proceed them to. Confirm your selection by tapping OK

You can also assign a candidate to another job or talent pool by tapping Assign to jobs and talent pools, selecting the jobs or talent pools you would like to assign them to, and saving your selection.

Disqualify candidates

1. Tap the three dots next to the job you would like to disqualify the candidate from. 

2. Select Disqualify.

3. Select a disqualify reason and confirm by tapping OK

Remove candidates from jobs/talent pools

1.  Tap the three dots next to the job you would like to remove the candidate from. 

2. Select Remove from job

3. Confirm by tapping OK

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