When opening the mobile app, the first thing you see is the Home tab, where you have an overview of your account.

Check upcoming events, tasks, evaluation requests, and new candidates

Under Events you can see your upcoming events. 

Tap All to filter your events view. Tap the Upcoming filter at the top to switch between Upcoming and Past events.

To schedule a new event, select the Event Icon in the bottom right corner.

Under Tasks you can see uncompleted tasks. 

When selecting All, you can see both incomplete and completed tasks. Tap My tasks to filter your view and tap date added to sort it. You can add new tasks by tapping + in the bottom right corner.

Under Evaluations you'll find any incomplete evaluation requests.

Tap All to filter your evaluations. Tap the Requested filter at the top to view requested, completed, or dismissed evaluation requests

Under Candidates you can easily navigate to all new, qualified, or followed candidates. Tap All to get to the candidates section. 

Check your notifications 

Select the bell icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

Here you can view new notifications. Under Activities you can also check your recent activity.

Profile and notification settings 

Tap your profile picture in the top left corner of the home screen to open the settings.

Tap your company account’s name to switch to another company account. 

Select App notifications to select everything in Recruitee that you would like to be notified about in the mobile app. 

Note: This can also be adjusted in the web app under Settings > Notifications in the Mobile App column. 

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