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Customize the default text on your careers site
Customize the default text on your careers site
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Your careers site and other public views from Recruitee come with various phrases of default text for buttons, headers, filters, etc. If you would like to change how some of this text is phrased, you can edit it in the applicable language.

Editing languages

2. Click the pencil icon next to the careers site language. If you have multiple languages enabled on your careers site, this will also be possible for other languages.

3. Use the tabs to navigate where you would like to update text: On your careers site or in other public views like events, GDPR or EEO views, questionnaires, etc.

⚠️ Ensure you edit the correct tab to customize the text on your careers site. The Careers site tab refers to Careers site 1.0, while the CareersHub tab refers to Careers site 2.0.

4. Edit the text of the Translation in the column on the right. In this case, we are editing the English version.

5. Click Save. The text will be updated immediately.

📌 You can also click Reset to defaults if you no longer want to use custom translations.

💡 You can quickly look up the original text you want to edit by using Command+F (on Mac) or Control+F (on Windows) and typing in the phrase you are looking for.

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