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How to refer someone
How to refer someone

Refer a contact for an open position via the ReferralsHub

Updated over a week ago

Within the ReferralsHub you can easily refer a friend, former colleague, or acquaintance for a job.

1. Go to the ReferralsHub link that was shared with you or ask your HR department about this. Here, choose to sign up, or sign in if you already have an account for the ReferralsHub or for Recruitee.

If you work in Recruitee you can also use the ReferralsHub icon that is added to the bottom left corner

Note: If you don’t have access to Recruitee you will need to sign up for the ReferralsHub. If you get the error ‘email is invalid’, please check with your HR department if your email address is on the permitted domain list.

2. Select a job that you’d like to make a referral for and learn about its requirements and possible rewards.

3.Click Make a referral.

4. Fill out the referral form and answer the referral questions. Accept the conditions and click Submit referral.

5. Your referral is done and you will receive a confirmation email. If applicable, you can choose to refer more people.

6. You can view all submitted referrals under the Referrals tab in the ReferralsHub. Click on the referral to view details about rewards.

Note: You may or may not see the status of your referrals depending on the settings chosen by the administrators of the ReferralsHub.

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