Important: Features in the Beta period are still being tested and are not yet available in all accounts.

You need to have access to Manage Referrals to be able to enable this feature.

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Hiring roles and switch the Referral Portal on with the toggle.

2. With enabling the referral portal the referral portal icon is added to the header menu.

3. You can now edit the referral settings.

4. Under the Access tab you can decide on the link of your referral portal and on what the users should be able to see in the Referral Portal.

Enable uploading connections, this will show the option to upload connections from LinkedIn and Google:

Show referral status, users can see the status under the Referrals tab in their profile:

Show available rewards for the jobs in the portal.

5. Go to the Referrers tab to invite team members who don’t have access to Recruitee but want to refer someone. You can restrict access to your Referral portal by email domain. 

6. Go to the Rewards tab to add, edit or delete rewards. Here you can assign rewards to your jobs.

Note: Make sure you have referrals enabled for the job if you want to assign a reward to it. 

7. When a referred person is hired, the claim for the reward will be added to the Claims tab. Contact the referrer to discuss the details about the reward.

8. Under Terms & Privacy you can add a checkbox to let referrers accept the conditions of the referral program (it is possible to create multiple checkboxes for several conditions). 

Next to this you can add the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to the referral portal with a text popup or redirect to another website. 

With these changes you update the following field and footer:

9. Change the text on the Referral Portal and upload your logo.

What’s next?

Your referral portal is set up, now it is time to work with referrals.

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