When you share the link of your Careers Site or of one of your published jobs on a social media platform, the default Recruitee share-image is shown. You can change this image for the main page of your Careers Site and for each specific job that you have published.

To change the share image follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your Careers Site.

2. Click on the Careers Site editor.

3. In the Careers Site editor, scroll down to More and click on SEO & Sharing.

4. You can choose Upload new image under General for when you share your Careers Site and/or upload different images for each one of your published jobs. The general image will be also shared with your jobs, unless it’s changed individually.

5. After this, click on Save and share your Careers Site or one of your jobs on social media with the new image.

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Did you upload a new image but it isn't showing when you share it? This is related to social media caching. Each time you make a change in the SEO settings of your posting, it takes some time for the social media platform to update the adjustments. It can take up to 7 days before new images are displayed. 

However you can clear the cached link for Facebook and/or LinkedIn by following these instructions. 

  • Copy the URL of the page you want to share.
  • For Facebook: go to their Sharing Debugger, paste the link and click Debug.
  • For LinkedIn: go to their Post Inspector, paste the link and click Inspect.
  • Share the link again and the new image should be shown.
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