Yes, you can localize Recruitee with just a few clicks. Once you choose your default language, the user interface of your Recruitee account will be in the language you set. You can select from English, German, French or Dutch.

Note: In the future, we’ll consider additional languages for Recruitee. Stay tuned! 📻

Change your language preference

Just go to your ‘Profile’ settings and set your default (account) language there. 

Here’s how a Candidate Profile will look in French: 

Here’s how it will look in German: 

Here’s how it will look in Dutch: 


  • The language you choose won’t translate your content (e.g. your job descriptions, email templates, etc.)
  • If you’d like to change the language of your Careers Site, or your job postings, you need to enable multi-language first in your ‘Company Settings’
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