If your hiring needs have come to an end, then you can cancel your subscription.

Canceling your subscription means that, after the end of the current billing period, you will no longer have access to your account, careers site, or candidate database. 

1. Go to Settings > Billing

2. Select Change plan next to your current plan to see an overview of our plans.

3. In order to cancel your subscription, select Cancel subscription under your current plan. 

Important: If you are on a yearly plan, cancellations need to be done within one month before your subscription expires in order to avoid automatic renewal.

Reactivating your subscription

When the end of the billing cycle is reached, your account will be deactivated, all job and candidate data will be archived, and the careers site will be offline. 

Note: Your data may get deleted before you decide to reactivate your account. If so, you will be notified.

As long as your data is available, you will still have access to the Billing section in the account so you can select a new plan. This immediately reactivates your account and gives you access to your account data right where you left off.

Permanently deleting your account

We advise users not to delete their account permanently unless they’re sure no they no longer need their recruiting data.

When an account is deleted, you will no longer be able to login and will lose all access to your job/candidate data. It will not be possible to recover this data once the account is deleted. If you choose to do so, please follow these instructions.

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