If your hiring spree has come to an end, then you can cancel your subscription in order to put your hiring on pause or permanently close your account.

What happens when I cancel my Recruitee subscription?

Cancelling your subscription means that all data is kept intact and secure, and is ready for you once your company’s hiring needs are back. As part of this downgrade, all jobs will be archived automatically. To publish a job, whether publicly or for internal use, you will need to subscribe to a new Recruitee plan.

To end your subscription, open your 'Settings' and navigate to your 'Subscription' section. Here, you will be able to see the plan that you are currently on, and have the opportunity to select ‘Cancel your subscription’ beneath it. 

Important: If you are on a yearly plan, cancellations need to be done within one month in advance of your subscription expiring in order to avoid an automatic renewal. 

Reactivating your subscription

Once the end of the billing cycle has been reached you still have the ability to log into the account, but all job and candidate data is archived and the career site is set on offline. 

Within the account you still have full access to the ‘Subscription’ section, allowing you to select a new plan, which immediately reactivates the account and gives you full access back into your job/candidate data along with the career site. 

Permanently close your account

We advise users not to close their account permanently unless they’re sure no further access to their recruiting data is required.

When an account is closed you will no longer be able to login and will lose all access to your job/candidate data. It will not be possible to recover this data once the account is closed. If you choose to do so, please contact support@recruitee.com.

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