Tracking how your job ads are performing allows you to see how effective they are at attracting potential candidates. You can then make adjustments to your job ads to improve their performance. For example, in your campaign's overview, you can track the number of times candidates have taken an action with your ad, such as clicking it or actually applying.

Reviewing your campaign

You can get a quick overview of your campaign's performance - how many clicks your campaign received and how many people applied through your job ad. 

Your dashboard can also show any of the following details, depending on your account settings:


  • Premium job posts are being manually checked by our partner networks to ensure quality, and therefore, it can take up to 2 working days for your campaign to be approved after payment.

  • When you have multiple job boards selected, the end date of your campaign will reflect the longest running job ad. For example, if you include in your campaign LinkedIn (30 days posting) and MonsterBoard (60 days posting), the end of your campaign will show as 60 days from now.

What do these metrics mean?

The number of applications received.

This is the total number of actual clicks on all job boards you have selected to be part of your campaign.

Paid clicks
The total number of clicks on all paid channels in your campaign.

Expected clicks
The expected number of clicks on all job boards you have selected to be part of your campaign.

Expected paid clicks
The expected number of clicks on all paid channels in your campaign.

Improve your performance

If your job ad isn’t performing to your expectations, ask yourself these questions to identify ways to improve it.

Do you have a relevant careers site?

Take a look at your careers site that your job ad links to. Make sure to include a clear call-to-action in your job ad that takes viewers straight to that job's landing page.

For example, if your ad text says, “Join us” be sure to include your company's perks in order to share why they should apply. If your ad text includes jargon or company speak, try to aim for more universal wording.

Note: If you want to modify your ad text, reach out to us via chat below or say hi at and we will arrange it for you.

Is your job ad reaching an audience in the right location?

Make sure that your ad is showing in areas where your candidates are more likely to be.

For example, you create a job ad for your Customer Success position and target the location where the hire is expected to be based in. Doing this helps us recommend the most relevant channels for your job ad. 

Does your job ad appeal to your candidates?

Your ads are the voice of your products and services. The more relevant and engaging they are to what your candidates are searching for, the more likely they'll generate results for you.

What's next?

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