Once you've started recruiting with Recruitee, you can begin tracking and monitoring your ongoing processes with reports. This way, equipped with data and experience, you can start to optimize your hiring!

Types of Reports

Reports are segmented into four categories:

  1. Reports on your candidate activity across jobs

  2. Reports on your jobs and hiring performance

  3. Reports on your team activities 

  4. Reports on your evaluations and events

Once you have connected your pipeline data to reports, you will be able to customize your reports to track the events you need.

Depending on your needs you will be able to set up reports on time-to-hire, applicant conversion rates, proceed rate, candidate origins, events per team member and many more performance activities.

For more details on how to set up each of these reports, you can review our Reporting and analysis collection that will help you on your way to analyzing the right information.

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