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Building a strong network? Leverage talent pools to make the right hires.

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Sometimes you'll have to reject candidates with a lot of potential. And sometimes you'll come across great profiles online, but with no current vacancies for them. It can feel like a crime to skip over great talent, which is why we've created talent pools.

Consider talent pools your very own candidate database where you can save potential candidates when you don’t have a suitable open position. When you do have a job opening, you can start reaching out to this database full of promising and pre-qualified candidates. 

Here are four ways you can start building effective talent pools. If you need to get started with talent pools, you can create a new talent pool by choosing "Talent Pools" from the right side menu and then click the blue "New Talent Pool" button.

1 - Manually add candidates to a talent pool

Choose “Talent Pools” from the right side menu and select the talent pool you want to add candidates to. Click on the “Add candidates” button on the top right corner.

Choose “Add manually” and fill out the candidate information. Then, click “Add” when you finish.

2 - Manually bulk upload CVs to a talent pool

In “Talent Pools,” select the talent pool you want to add candidates to. Click on the “Add candidates” button on the top right corner.

Click the “Upload CV’s / Resumes” button. We accept Word, PDF, and ODT files. Use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple files.

3 - Source candidates via Recruitee’s Sourcing Extensions

Do you come across great profiles on GitHub, Dribbble, or Facebook? Import them right away to Recruitee with our intuitive sourcing extension. A quick video on how to use it:

You can download the sourcing extension for Chrome here.

After installing the sourcing extension, you will see the Recruitee icon next to a candidate’s online profile on GitHub, Facebook, Dribbble, and other platforms. Click on the icon, check the candidate’s name and email, add tags or sources to candidates as you wish, and assign them to the talent pool. Then click “Add candidate.”

That’s it! Now you can find the sourced candidate in the chosen talent pool.

4 - Organize candidates in a talent pool

The easiest way to manage candidates in a talent pool is using tags and source tags.

You can tag a candidate by going to their candidate profile. Click the plus button next to “Tag” or “Source.” Select the tag(s) or source(s) you want to add. If you'd like to add a new tag or source, simply type the name in the top bar and click the "Create new" option. You can later filter candidates based on these tags, as well as other information on their candidate profiles.

Click the “Filters” tab on the top bar of your talent pool. Here you can choose and combine different filters: sources, tags, ratings, etc. to filter candidates. Here, you can also select candidates you’ve found and perform bulk actions.

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