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Getting started with Recruitee
Work as a team to hire the best talent
Work as a team to hire the best talent

Assemble your recruitment A-team by inviting your colleagues to Recruitee.

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Recruitment is a team effort which is why we've made it possible to collaborate within Recruitee.

Ready to get started? Go to Settings > Company > Team Members and invite your team members.

The team members you have already invited but haven’t accepted your invitation yet can be viewed under the Pending invites tab. Here you can also resend or revoke the invitation by selecting one of the icons under Manage.

You can easily search for different team members or filter the list of team members at the top of the page.To edit a team member’s hiring role, select the pencil icon next to the team member.

To remove team members from your Recruitee account

2. Tick the checkboxes on the left and select delete under Actions... or click the trash bin icon of the single team member you want to remove.

3. Check all the boxes to confirm that you agree with the consequences of the deletion.

4. Click Delete team member.

Note: Deleting a team member will NOT remove the notes, evaluations, emails or candidate profiles created by the team member.

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