Recruitment is a team effort which is why we've made it possible to collaborate within Recruitee. Here's a quick look at how to set up your recruiting team:

Ready to get started? Go to “Settings” on the left side menu, click “Team members” under “Company.” Then click the "New team member" button on the top right corner.

Now you can enter the email address of the team member you'd like to invite and select a role for them. You can read more about creating, editing, and deleting new roles here. You can click "Show access details" to see what permissions the user's selected role has.

Depending on the role you choose, you may also need to select the Job(s)/Talent Pool(s) that you want the invited team member to follow. When you finish, click “Send invitation.”

The team members assigned to follow a job opening in Recruitee will get email notifications about that Job’s activities.

What's next?

Invite a team member to your recruiting team here, or go to the next step: importing candidates.

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