Talent Acquisition is an Attract feature that lets you create a campaign to promote your job posting to the channels that will get you the most relevant talent. For example, you could create a job promotion campaign to target designers in the tech sector that have a Bachelor's degree.

Anyone can create a targeted job promotion campaign in minutes. Rather than trying to guess the channels that might work for your job, our algorithm matches your job with the most relevant channels based on historical data of similar campaigns in the past. Here's how to set one up:

Create your first campaign

Start a new campaign

1. Go to the Acquisition tab in the sidebar menu and select the New campaign button.

2. Select the job you want to start a promotional campaign for and give your campaign a certain name for easy reference.

3. Select your target audience. Choose what kind of candidates you’d like your job posting to reach. 

If you want to promote your Product Marketing position to Dutch candidates in a certain province, your job details here would be something like 'Master' and 'Netherlands - Noord-Holland'. Our algorithm uses the details of your vacancy to match your campaign with the most relevant channels to promote it on.  

4. Choose the channels you want to promote your job to. 

Using the previously filled in job details, our algorithm will recommend the most suitable channels for your job promotion campaign. You can compare across more than 400 premium and niche job promotion channels and make a selection based on the duration of the posting, price, and matching score. 

The matching score indicates how well a particular channel meets your needs based on historical data of similar campaigns. For example, you could choose Facebook and Instagram since they have the highest matching score with your job. You can also decide on these channels based on their estimated performance. 

Do you have a specific channel in mind for your campaign that’s not recommended? You can always click on the All channels tab to find your favorites or add any additional channel.

5. Check and create your job ad.

Now that you’ve got the right targeting set, you'll want to ensure you have a persuasive ad based on what your candidates care about in the role. Simply write, or edit, your job description just like you would on your own careers site and be sure to include a summary.

Choose the correct date for the campaign to start. 

Important: premium job posts are being manually checked by our partner network to ensure quality, and therefore, it can take up to 2 working days for your campaign to be approved after payment.

6. Choose method and pay for the campaign

Now that you've set up the campaign, you can pay for it by selecting your preferred payment method. Simply fill in your payment details to complete your order. 

Once your payment has been confirmed, your campaign will go live on the selected start date. You can check the details of your campaign by clicking the campaign in your dashboard.

Campaign status: definition

For each of your job promotion campaigns, you'll see information about its current state listed per campaign. Here are the campaign statuses that you might see:

  • Draft: The campaign was created and saved.

  • Awaiting approval: Your payment was received but your campaign has not started running yet.

  • Online: Your payment was received and your campaign is running.

  • Expired: The campaign is not running because it was turned off or it was past its scheduled end date.

What’s next? 

Now that you know how to set-up your first campaign, here are some best practices for job descriptions to help you write more effective job descriptions that draw the most qualified and most diverse talents.

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