1. Click Reports in the left menu.

2. Under Evaluations & events, click Time spent per stage type.

3. You'll see which events your team is spending the most time on moving candidates forward. Spot the problem areas — for example, too many candidates for on-site interviews could indicate the need for a more effective phone screen.

4. Once you choose a tab, you can filter the result further by clicking the Filter by... field and selecting the filter you want.

5. To define a time range for the results you want to see, click the All time icon in the top right corner and select your preferred time range.

6. To adjust how many results per page you'd like to see, click the Per page icon in the lower right corner and select the number of results you want.

7. To export the report you are viewing to a .csv file, click the three-dot button under the Filter by... search bar and then select Export to CSV.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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