Evaluation reports show you how your team members are performing, so you can improve the speed in which candidates are progressing from one stage to the next. 

You can access them by clicking on ‘Reports’ in the left menu. 

Under "Evaluations & events", click "Overview".

Get a snapshot of your team's performance

The first thing you'll see here is the progress your team is making to evaluate candidates: 

  • "Requested evaluations": The total number of evaluations requested.

  • "Completed evaluations": The total number of evaluations that have been completed.

  • "Avg. time to evaluate": The average number of days it takes your team members to evaluate candidates.

Track your evaluations and events

The next charts show the "Average evaluation score" across all evaluations given in your company and the number of team members who gave them. The 4 bars below show how big percentage of total evaluation number given evaluation score is i.e. two thumbs up (“Strong yes”) - 100% means that all users were unanimous and all the evaluations were “Strong yes”

You can also see the breakdown across the types of scheduled calendar events in your company.

It's easy to see at which stage your team is spending the most time, using the "Time spent per stage type" chart. You can see how many hours are being spend at each stage during the last quarter.

The "Evaluated candidates" chart gives you insight into how many candidates did not get an evaluation during the last 12 month. 

It’s easy to identify an increase in candidates that ended up not getting an evaluation:

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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