1. Click "Reports" on the left menu.

2. Under "Team members", click "Overview".

3. The first tab shows how many team members there are in your company account.

4. The next tabs show your team members' email activities in the last 30 days.

  • "Avg. time to first contact": The average time it took your team members to send their first emails to candidates. NOTE: Only the timing of the first email in the first thread per candidate counts, excluding auto-confirmation emails.

5. Next is the "Activities per date" chart. 

Hover over each column to see its data in detail.

6. Next charts show the ratio of completed Tasks to incomplete Tasks in the last 30 days and the ratio of hiring roles in your company account.

Hover over each slice to see its data in detail.

7. The last chart shows an activity breakdown of your team members in the last 12 months.

Hover over each cell to see its data in detail.

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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