1. Click "Reports" on the left menu.

2. Under "Team members", click "Task completion".

3. There are tabs giving you an overview of your team members' Tasks.

  • "Assigned Tasks": The number of Tasks assigned to your team members.

  • "Completed": The number of Tasks completed by your team members.

  • "Incomplete": The number of incomplete Tasks.

4. The table view gives you more insights into the Tasks' status of your team members.

To check the Tasks' status per team member, hiring role, or month, toggle between the tabs under "Task completion".

Once you choose a tab, you can filter the result further by clicking the "Filter by..." field > Select the filter you want.

To define a time range for the result you want to see, click "All time" in the top right corner > Select the time range you want.

To adjust how many results per page you'd like to see, click the number in the lower right corner > Select the number of results you want.

5. To export the report you are viewing to a .csv file, click the three-dot button under the "Filter by..." field > "Export to CSV".

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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