Watch this quick video to see how it works:

Click "Reports" on the left menu.

2. Under "Candidates", click "Overview".

3. The first tabs give you an overview of your candidate database.

  • "All candidates": The number of candidates in your database.

  • "Disqualified": The number of candidates disqualified in your database.

4. Next is the "New candidates per origin" chart. 

Hover over each column to see its data in detail.

5. Next tabs shows important data in your recruitment activities in the last 60 days.

  • "Avg. time to disqualify": The average time candidates got disqualified in your database.

  • "Applicant conversion": The number of new applicants divided by the number of total visitors to your Careers Site during the same time period.

  • "Top sources": The most common Source tags among your new applicants.

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