1. Click Dashboard in the left menu > Click the Evaluations tab.

2. You can use the Requested, Completed, and Dismissed filters on the top left side to sort the list of evaluations.

  • Requested - Evaluations that other team members have requested you complete about candidates.

  • Completed - Evaluations you made of candidates.

  • Dismissed - Evaluations that other team members requested that you complete, but you dismissed.

You can also use the top right filter to see evaluations assigned to you, everyone on your team, or specific team members.


Click the Start button to begin the requested evaluation.

Click the X button to dismiss an individual requested evaluation and move it to the dismissed tab.

Click the Dismiss all button to remove all evaluation requests. These will be moved to the dismissed tab if you need to retrieve them.


Click the round arrow to retrieve the dismissed evaluation requests.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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