NOTE: At the end of every evaluation form, there is a default question that evaluators have to answer. The thumb rating here will amount to the overall rating of a candidate.

1. Go to a candidate profile > Click the "Evaluation" tab.

2. Click the "Summary" tab.

3. Right under the "Summary" tab is the overall evaluation score of the candidate.

The "Evaluation score" is the average of four ratings ("No", "Not sure", "Yes", "Strong yes") the candidate has received.

Each of these ratings has a value:

  • "Strong yes" = 100%

  • "Yes" = 75%

  • "Not sure" = 50%

  • "No" = 0%

For example:

If a candidate has one "Strong yes" and one "Yes", they have an 88% positive evaluation.

If a candidate has one "Strong yes" and one "Not sure", they have a 75% positive evaluation.

If a candidate has two "No" evaluations, they have a 0% positive evaluation.

4. Under the overall evaluation score is an overview of all the thumb ratings the candidate has received.

The percentage next to each thumb rating shows how often that thumb rating is used per stage the candidate has been in.

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