Make evaluation forms

To request that interviewers and/or evaluators fill out evaluation forms, you first need to have the evaluation forms set up and ready to use.

Request that team members fill out evaluation forms

1. Go to a candidate's profile > Click the Evaluation tab.

2. Click the + Evaluation button.

3. Click the Request tab > Under Job/talent pool, click the field > Select the job or talent pool where you want to evaluate the candidate.

4. Under Evaluation form, click the field > Select the evaluation form your team member(s) should fill out.

5. Under To be completed by, click the + button > Select the team member(s) who should fill out the evaluation form.

6. Click Request now in the lower right corner.

7. To see all requested evaluations for a candidate, click the hourglass tab.

8. If a team member requests that you fill out an evaluation form, click the Start button to begin filling it out.

Or click the X button to dismiss the request. NOTE: You can retrieve the evaluation request later.

9. If you want to delete requests you made for your team members, click the X button to delete the request. NOTE: You cannot undo this action.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

What's next?

You can also automate requesting evaluations within a job. With automated actions, you can set a trigger for when you move candidates to a new stage so that an evaluation request is automatically sent to a selected team member. Check out the following article in which we explain how to setup automated actions for your pipeline.

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