Make evaluation forms

To make detailed evaluations of candidates, first you need to have evaluation forms set up and ready to use.

Use evaluation forms

1. Go to a candidate profile > Click the "Evaluation" tab.

2. Click the "+ Evaluation" button.

3. Click the "Add" tab > If the candidate is in more than job and/or talent pool, choose the job or talent pool from the "Job/Talent Pool" field > Select the Job/Talent Pool where you want to evaluate the candidate.

4. Under "Evaluation form", click the field > Select the evaluation form you want to use.

5. Click "Add now" in the lower right corner.

6. The evaluation form will open. Here you can:

Click "Go to profile" > Go to the candidate profile and back to check the candidate's information and Team Notes.

Click the "Interview" tab > Input the candidate's answers to the questions on the evaluation form.

Click the "CV/Resume" tab > Check the candidate's CV.

If you want to clear existing input in the evaluation form, click "Clear form" in the lower left corner.

7. When you complete the evaluation form, click "Save".

8. If you want to edit your evaluation, click "Summary" > Scroll down and find the evaluation.

Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the evaluation > Edit it > Click "Save".

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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