2. Click Edit next to Custom domain to enter the custom domain you would like to show your careers site on.

Note: You can only use a subdomain or main domain, like jobs.company.com or "workatcompany.com", it is NOT possible to use a path, like "company.com/jobs"

3. Update the DNS settings of the chosen domain. If you don’t have access to this, please ask your webmaster or IT team to make the changes in the DNS settings of the hosting provider.

Check with your hosting provider for the specific instructions, the following instructions are how most providers work.


If you want to use a subdomain, like jobs.company.com, you will need to add two CNAME records which point to secure.recruitee.com.

jobs.company.com.              CNAME     secure.recruitee.com
www.jobs.company.com.     CNAME     secure.recruitee.com


  • Depending on your hosting provider you need to put a DOT (.) at the end or you only need to fill in the first part of the subdomain.

  • Some providers don't work with CNAME for subdomains but with A records, please check with your hosting provider for the specific instructions.

Main domain

If you want to use a main domain, like workatcompany.com, you will need to add two A records which point to the IP address

workatcompany.com.                            A                       
www.workatcompany.com.                   A                        


  • DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate throughout the entire Internet. 

  • Recruitee provides and automatically renews an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt Authority X3. It will be added automatically if the DNS settings are properly set up for your custom domain.

If you have any questions about setting up a custom domain, send us a message.

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