It’s easy to change the URL of your Careers Site or set up a custom domain. Just go to Company Settings > Careers Site.

In the "Address" field, fill out the new URL you want.

Hit Save and your Careers Site's URL will be changed immediately.

Note: If people visit your old Careers Site's URL, they will be redirected to the new URL.

Using a custom domain for your Careers Site

Go to your Company Settings > Careers Site. In the "Custom domain" field, type the custom domain you want to use to host your "Careers Site address". If you have any questions about setting up a custom domain, chat with us in the Messenger. 😊

For example, if your "Careers Site address" is "" and your "Custom domain" is "", that means "" hosts ""


  • You MUST ALWAYS fill out the "Custom domain" field to let the DNS from your domain know that "" is the receiver of your subdomain ""
  • You can only use a subdomain of your website for "Custom domain", like "" or "", NOT ""
  • Recruitee provides and automatically renews an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt Authority X3. It will work out of the box if you set the DNS settings properly on your custom domain.
  • If you don't want to create a subdomain and just want to show all your Jobs on your website, please check these options

Ask your webmaster to approve the custom domain (your subdomain) in your hosting DNS settings (CNAME).

Read more: Google's tips on creating a CNAME record

Here is how most DNS providers work:

If you put DOT (.) at the end, you need to input the full custom domain name:              CNAME     CNAME

If you DO NOT put DOT (.) at the end, you need to input only the subdomain part:

jobs             CNAME    CNAME

Note: Some providers don't work with the CNAME DNS settings. 

Use an A record if you manage what IP addresses are assigned to a particular machine or if the IP are fixed or you want to create a record for the main domain name.

The A record for domain:                                

(sub)Domain/Hostname     |     Record type     |     Target/Destination new IP                            A                                      A                       

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