Keep your potential candidates in check with Talent Pools.

Check all Talent Pools in your company account

1. Touch the hamburger icon in the top left corner. You will see a side menu that is similar to the left menu in the desktop version of Recruitee.

2. Touch "Talent Pools" to open the "Talent Pools" page of Recruitee mobile apps. 

3. If you follow at least one Talent Pool, the default view of "Talent Pools" will show your followed Talent Pools first. 

If you don't follow any Talent Pools, the default view will show "All" – Talent Pools you follow and Talent Pools you can access but don't follow. 

If there are many Talent Pools and it's hard to see, you can touch the search icon to search the Talent Pool you want.

Search candidates within a Talent Pools

1. Touch a Talent Pool and the default view will be "Filters".

2. This feature works exactly as: How to search your candidate database.

Discuss a Talent Pool's details

1. Touch "Notes" on the bottom menu of a Talent Pool.

2. Touch the bubble speech icon in the lower right corner.

3. Input the message you want to send to your team about the Talent Pool.

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