Check all Jobs in your company account

1. Touch the hamburger icon in the top left corner. You will see a side menu that is similar to the left menu in the desktop version of Recruitee.

2. Touch "Jobs" to open the "Jobs" page of Recruitee mobile apps. 

3. If you follow at least one Job, the default view of "Jobs" will show your followed Jobs first. 

If you don't follow any Jobs, the default view will show "All" – Jobs you follow and Jobs you can access but don't follow in your company account.

If there are many Jobs and it's hard to see, you can touch the search icon in the top right corner to search the Job you want.

NOTE: In the overview of "Jobs", each Job shows the number of all candidates and new candidates. 

For example, in the Job "Client Database", there are 93 candidates (including disqualified ones) and seven new candidates in its pipeline.

Check a Job's pipeline

1. Touch a Job to access its pipeline. 

The candidates' order remains the same as how you set it in the desktop version of Recruitee. 

2. You can swipe left or right to see the stages next to the current stage in your view.

The number next to the name of a stage shows the amount of candidates in that stage. For example, there are four candidates in the stage "Phone screen".

NOTE: There are various icons in each candidate's card to indicate their status.

  • The clock icon = How long the candidate has been in your database. For example, Norma Owen has stayed in your Recruitee account for one hour.
  • The bubble speech icon = How many Team Notes there are in the candidate profile. For example, Norma Owen has two Team Notes in her profile.
  • The phone icon = There is an event scheduled with the candidate.
  • The two-way arrow icon = How long it has been since the last interaction between your team and the candidate.
  • The bookmark icon in the top right corner = You follow the candidate.

Search candidates within a Job

1. Touch "Filters" on the bottom menu of a Job.

2. Touch the "Filters" icon in the lower right corner.

3. This feature works exactly as: How to search your candidate database.

Discuss a Job's details

1. Touch "Notes" on the bottom menu of a Job.

2. Touch the bubble speech icon in the lower right corner.

3. Input the message you want to send to your team about the Job.

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