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1. Click CareersHub in the top-right and select Go to dashboard.

2. Click Edit next to Careers site (Version 1.0).

3. On the left side of your careers site, open the editor by clicking the Careers site editor tab.

4. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner next to your Header section.


In the header section, click the Content tab > Scroll down and you will see:

  • Logo: you can upload the logo you want to display on your careers site.

  • Cover photo: pick one from our gallery or upload your own.

  • Company website: the URL of your company website. This will be displayed as a button on your careers site's header.

  • Social media: the links to your company's social media channels. These will be displayed as icons on your careers site's header.

  • Heading and subheading: you can add text to greet visitors to your careers site.

  • Navigation: the items to display in your careers site's top menu. Title is text displayed in the header as a linked button. Link to will link the Title item to a designated section of your careers site – You can also insert a custom URL here to link to an external website.

Editing a default item

1. Click the input field next to Title > Write the new name of the menu item.
2. Click the drop-down menu next to Link to > Choose one of the sections of your careers site or click Custom URL if you want to insert a custom URL.
3. To add another menu item, click Add Item under the last menu item and fill out the new menu item's details.

4. To reorder the menu items, drag and drop the hamburger menu on the left side of each item.

5. To delete menu items, click the trash can icon on the right side of each item.


To edit your careers site's layout, select the Layout tab at the top of the Header pop-up > Choose the layout you want for your careers site's header.

Note: If you want to display the page menu you set up in the navigation section above, choose a layout option with menu. Otherwise, your page menu won't display at all.

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