Recruitee's Sourcing extension for Chrome lets you import potential candidates from any website with a user database on the internet. 

Watch this video to see how it works:

After installing Recruitee's Sourcing Extension, you can start sourcing candidates right away. For example, you can browse to a user's LinkedIn profile, click the Recruitee icon in the top right, and import them to the appropriate job or talent pool in just a few clicks.

Go to the website where you'd like to import a potential candidate > Go to the candidate's profile on that website > Click on the Recruitee icon next to the candidate's profile. This will open Recruitee's sourcing extension as a tab in your browser window.

Here you can check the candidate's details and fill out other fields.

Assign to...: Choose the job or talent pool you'd like to move the candidate into.

Tags: Add the tag(s) you want to the candidate. Adding tags helps you organize and search your candidate database easier.

Email: The candidate's email based on what they filled out on the sourced website.

Phone: The candidate's phone number based on what they filled out on the sourced website.

Social: By default, the first link is the candidate's profile's link on the sourced website. You can add more links if you find their profiles' links on other social network.

Sources: Add the source(s) where you find the candidate. You can also add "referrals" if you find them via referrals.

Custom field: Add any comment you have about the candidate here. Your comment will appear on the Team Note section of the candidate's profile in Recruitee.

When you are ready to import the candidate, click "Add candidate" button at the end.

Important: Based on a candidate's email, Recruitee can detect if there is a potential duplicate candidate's profile in Recruitee at this point. You can choose to view or merge the profiles if you want.

Go to the Job you assigned the candidate to. You'll see the imported candidate in the "Sourced" stage of the Job's "Pipeline" (This "Sourced" column is added automatically by Recruitee as the first column from the left side of your recruiting workflow).

Note: LinkedIn has recently disabled all third-party tools from extracting public data from LinkedIn. This includes Recruitee's Sourcing Extension. Therefore, if you want to source candidates from LinkedIn, you will have to fill out all the data manually. If you need help with this, please contact or chat to us in the Messenger.

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