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Put your jobs in order and help candidates filter them faster

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Assigning categories to jobs 

1. Click Jobs in the left menu.

2. Click Edit on the Job whose category you want to set up.

3. In the Job posting tab, click Department in the top right corner > Fill out the category you want to assign to this job.

Note: The category of each job doesn't have to be its department. You can also write "full-time"/"part-time" or any other category under Department.

4. Click Save.

5. Repeat the steps above for all the jobs whose categories you want to set up.

Filtering jobs by categories on your careers site

1. Click CareersHub in the top-right and select Go to dashboard.

2. Click Edit next to Careers site (Version 1.0).

3. Scroll down to the Jobs section, where you will see your published jobs with their respective categories as tags. There are no category buttons to filter the jobs yet.

4. In the careers site editor, open the Jobs section to adjust your layout.

5. In the Layout section, choose your preferred layout to display your published jobs as you want. 

To group the jobs by the categories you set-up previously, you can choose the first layout option — Groups — and then select to filter the jobs by Department. > Click Save.

You will then see your published jobs displayed in their categories on your careers site.

You can also choose the second layout option — Tabs — and select to filter by with Department. > Click Save.

With the Tabs option, your published jobs will be displayed under a top menu of categories. You can click each category to filter jobs belonging to that category.

If you choose the third layout option — Filters — you can select to include filters for Search, Department, City, Country and Tag > Click Save.

With the Filters option, you will see your published jobs displayed as a list with filters and a search bar.

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