Within each Talent Pool, you can store briefs, drafts, documents, or messages relating to the Talent Pool.

Add notes

1. Go to Talent Pools in the menu on the left and select a talent pool

2. Go to the Notes tab.

3. Click the box and type your notes about this talent pool.


  • You can mention team members by using the format @name.

  • The mentioned team members will receive an in-app notification or an email notification depending on their Notification settings.

  • You can attach files to your notes. Note: The max. file size is 50MB.

  • By default, all team members can see your notes (if their role allows that).

4. If you want to share a note with selected team members only, click Visible to everyone below the message box.

5. You can either click Visible to selected... and select team members and/or hiring roles that will be able to view the note, or Visible to only me, making the note private.

The message box will turn yellow, indicating that the team note has restricted visibility.

6. Click Save.

Note: If someone replies to a note with restricted visibility, their reply will also be restricted and only visible to the group of selected team members.

7. You can pin notes, so they stay on top of the notes section.

8. Leave emoji reactions to your team members’ notes via the buttons below the note.

Add files

1. Go to Talent Pools in the menu on the left and select a talent pool.

2. Go to the Files tab.

3. Click Upload file.

Note: The max. file size is 50MB.

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