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Manage talent pools
Manage talent pools

Keep your talent pools organized

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The talent pools section gives you an overview of all talent pools in your Recruitee account that you have access to. Use and organize it to see information important to you.

Followed talent pools

Choose to see All or Followed talent pools only in the top-left. Followed talent pools are those you follow to get notifications about changes and updates.

Search talent pools

Use the search bar to search for specific keywords like talent pool title, talent pool ID, location, or department.


In the top-right, you can choose between two different views: Table or card view.

In table view, you can adjust the table’s columns to see only the data you need.

  • Title: The talent pool’s title

  • Talent pool ID: The talent pool’s unique ID

  • Candidates: The number of candidates in the talent pool

  • New candidates: The number of new candidates in the talent pool

  • Department: The talent pool’s department

  • Qualified: The number of qualified candidates in the talent pool

  • Disqualified: The number of disqualified candidates in the talent pool

  • Followers: The team members following the talent pool

  • Date created: When a talent pool was created


To group your talent pools by specific fields, click No group.

Once you have grouped your talent pools, you can collapse groups via the arrow next to each group.

Archived talent pools

Next to the active talent pools, you can find archived talent pools in the top-left of the talent pools section. A talent pool may be archived if your team is not using it anymore. A talent pool also needs to be archived before you can delete it.

Click the horizontal ellipses next to an archived talent pool to duplicate, retrieve, or delete it.

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