1. Click Jobs on the left menu.

2. Click the Edit button on the job you want to create an auto-confirmation email for.

3. Move to the Workflow tab of your job.

4. Scroll down to the Send email confirmation section > Toggle the Send email confirmation button to green in order to send the email below it to all candidates applying for that job.

Note: The auto-confirmation email will be logged in the Email tab of each candidate's profile that it's sent to. If a candidate replies to the auto-confirmation email, the reply email will appear under the auto-confirmation email as a thread in their candidate profile.

5. Fill out the subject of your email and the message.


You can make use of five placeholders: [first_name], [last_name], [candidate], [job_offer], and [company] to have Recruitee automatically populate the right data (like the name of the candidate or the job's title) into the email.


Write your own version of the auto-confirmation email in the languages you have enabled both in your multi-language settings and in your job languages. The visual indicators on the right will tell you how much of the job post, including the confirmation email, you still need to translate.

Select Save under the Job status menu on the right.

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