1. Click "Careers Site" on the top menu > Go to your Careers Site.

2. Click “Careers Site editor” on the left.

3. Scroll down to the "Advanced settings" section > Click "Favicon / SEO / Shared images."

4. Scroll down and you will see three fields "Title", "Description", and "Shared image" for each of your Published Jobs and your Careers Site ("Main page").


The title tag of each of your Jobs or your Careers Site. Read more: What is a title tag?


The meta description of each of your Jobs or your Careers Site. Read more: What is a meta description?

NOTE: By filling out the title tag and meta description for each of your Job and your Careers Site, you will have search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and the likes) index them properly. As a result, your Jobs and Careers Site will have a higher chance of staying on top of the search results of potential candidates.

For example, here is the title tag and meta description of the Job "Sales Development Representative".

Here is how candidates find it on Google.

"Shared image"

This is the image that will be displayed when your Careers Site, or one of your published Jobs, gets shared on social media.

Click "Choose file" to upload the image you want to appear.


  • If you set only one Shared image for the "Main page", that image will be displayed by default for all other Jobs when you share them individually. So you don't have to upload the same image to every Job if you just want to use one image for all Job sharing.
  • The preferred image size is 1200 x 630px in JPG or PNG format. Every time you update a new one, it might take up to 24 hours for sites' cache to clear and show the new image.

Sometimes LinkedIn doesn't update your new Shared image. A solution is to: 

This will make sure LinkedIn refreshes their cache and makes sure the new Shared image will show.

  • If other social media channels such as Facebook doesn't update your new Shared image, please wait 24 hours for the change to appear.

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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