Recruitee is a talent acquisition platform that is designed to help you to attract the best talent, automate manual tasks, and predict your next best hires.

What can I do with Recruitee?

  • Attract the best talent: Use our powerful employer branding, talent sourcing, job ads, and referrals features to help you attract the very best talent.
  • Automate manual tasks: Try out the most advanced automation features in the industry to help you automate tasks, applicant tracking, emails, and interviews.
  • Predict your best hires: You can use data gathered from various stages of your hiring process to optimize your recruitment, make better decisions, and predict hiring success.

Our Features

You can find a comprehensive list of all of our features below.

Attract Features

  • Build a great employer brand with our easy to use careers site editor and customizable jobs widget.
  • Boost your candidate experience with candidate-friendly applications.
  • Find the best talent and automate your online search with our sourcing Chrome Extension
  • Promote your vacancy automatically onover 20 free and 1,500 paid job boards worldwide.
  • Build scalable talent pools of prequalified talent, accessible whenever you may next need them.
  • Share notes, files, and updates about your talent pools and collaborate with your team.

Automate Features

  • Build custom pipelines where you can tailor the stages of your hiring pipeline to match your ideal recruitment process.
  • Use smart boolean searches to quickly indentify candidates in your database.
  • Easily schedule interviews with our Scheduler feature that allows you to find available timeslots in synced calendars.
  • Evaluate candidates during interviews and share scorecards with your team.
  • Get to know your candidates during video calls, directly within the Recruitee app. 
  • Discover your own customizable Recruitee mailbox and keep all of your candidate communication in one place.
  • Speed up your candidate communications with quick email templates in Recruitee's Mailbox.
  • Easily check your candidates’ work experience thanks to our automatic resume parser.
  • See your team’s activities in real time while you use Recruitee for easy collaboration.
  • Create notes, tasks and evaluations for every candidate and share them with your team members.
  • Our API, Slack and Zapier integrations help you take your automation to the next level and to connect Recruitee to your other tools.

Predict Features

  • Track your most important data like job success, candidate conversions, and team performance to make improved hiring decisions.
  • Start reporting on your jobs and gain improved visibility over your jobs, candidate pipeline, events, and activities.
  • Use our AI-powered job promotion engine to get your vacancies matched with the best-performing job boards for your job.

Who uses Recruitee?

  • Talent teams who want collaborate on making sure the best talent gets hired, faster.
  • Recruiters who want to automate some of their manual tasks in order to spend more time connecting with talent.
  • HR managers who want improved visibility over the entire talent acquisition cycle and work on optimizing their hiring.
  • Hiring managers who want to get more involved in the recruitment process so that they can help find the best talent.

What sets Recruitee apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected point solutions, Recruitee brings gathers all the necessary tools to help you better commmunicate, engage, and support your candidates in one simple, integrated platform that easy for anyone in your organization to use.

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